It’s a dangerous world


In the line of duty, you face new risks every day. Unfortunately, some of the most dangerous hazards are also those most difficult to detect. Blood-borne pathogens, bodily fluids, bacteria, viruses, and narcotics pose a serious threat to first responders.

Decon7 Systems’ ready-to-use BDAS+ units offer first responders a quick and easy solution against a broad spectrum of chemical and biological threats.

Benefits include:

  • Broad spectrum efficacy to ensure protection against unknown contaminants
  • Safe and environmentally friendly EPA registered formula
  • Easy to use, requires minimal training
  • Rapidly deployable in critical situations

The powerful, proven D7 formula is used by ​teams such as ​the FBI​ THRU​,​ ​Secret Service​, Special Forces, and the National Guard CSTs. Originally developed by Sandia National Laboratories to neutralize chemical and biological weapons, D7 was a key component for successful decontamination of the Hart Senate Building and US Post Office in Washington, DC and NBC Studios in New York City following the 9/11 anthrax attacks.

Mark Tucker Ph. D., co-creator of the original decontamination foam, and lead chemical engineer at Sandia National Laboratories stated “it renders all types of typical chemical and biological agents harmless.”


Kills and Neutralizes