Medical Grade Infrared Non Contact Thermometer

Medical Grade Infrared Non Contact Thermometer

Medical Grade, no-contact Infrared Thermometer allows the user to take accurate temperature readings without the worry of cross-contamination with readings taken from a distance of 3cm ~ 5cm (0.18″ – 2″).
Measures temperature in both °C and °F, with a mode switch button. Has a fever alarm and an audible beep function.
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Technical Specifications:

Ambient temperature: 10°C~40°C (50°F ~ 104°F)
Relative humidity: <=85%

Product weight: 105g (3.7oz.) (excluding battery)
Product size: L 155mm (5.10″) x W 100mm (3.94″) x H 40mm (1.47″)

Measurement range:
In body mode: 32°C ~ 43°C (89.6°F ~ 109.4°F)
Under body mode there are 3 color backlits:
Green: <=37.3 °C means normal temperature
Orange: 37.4 °C ~ 379°C means low fever
Red: >=38 °C means high fever

In surface temp mode: 0°C ~ 60°C (32°F ~ 140°F)
In room mode: 0°C ~ 40°C (32°F ~ 104°F)

Precision: Measurement accuracy: +- 0.2° C / .36° F

32.0°C ~ 34.9°C (89.6°F ~ 94.8°F) +-0.3°C(+-0.6°F)
35.0°C ~ 42.0°C (95.0°F ~ iO7.6°F) +-0.2°C(+-0.4°F)
42.1 0C ~ 43.0°C (107.8°F ~ 109.4°F) +-0.3°C(+-0.6°F)

Measuring distance: 3cm ~ 5cm (0.18″ – 2″)
On/Scan Button
Automatic power off: yes <30 seconds
Memory function: 32 memory sets

Batteries DC 3V pcs 2 AA Batteries (not included)
Consumption: <=300mW


FDA, ISO and CE Certified
IEC 60601 -1
EC Certificate
Passes all relevant safety requirements of a relevant IEC to ISO Standard
Model: JXB-183

Shipping & Dimensions:

Pack Size : 6 x 3 x 1.8 in, 0.38 lbs
Master Carton Size : 16 x 16 x 6 in, 15.2 lbs
Units Per Master Carton : 40 (40 inner boxes)