Keeping law enforcement & public health workers safe

Protecting Workers at Risk-Police-Fire-EMS-MCSCS

In the line of duty, you face new risks every day. Unfortunately, some of the most dangerous hazards are also those most difficult to detect. Blood-borne pathogens, bodily fluids, bacteria, viruses, and narcotics, currently fentanyl  pose a serious threat to police, correctional staff/officers, firefighters and first EMS.

Foreman Manufacturing works closely with the Ministry of Community Safety and Youth Services, Correctional, Public Health, OPP, OPS, RCMP for over 20 years to ensure quality safety in the products Foreman Manufacturing supplies

Foreman has established close relationships/partnerships with global distributers to provide our customers with the necessary products meeting the recommended specs.

Our Biohazard kits and Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) are designed specifically for the your safety in mind. Call us today to inquire how we can provide your safety equipment to your specification 905-507-6687