Premium Kneeling Work Pad

Premium Kneeling Work Pad by Solemat

  • One inch thick premium NBR rubber ensures greater comfort and pain relief.
  • Microban infused to avoid mold and odor

  • Easily washable. Resists industrial chemicals, grease and oil

  • Cut-out carry handle, easy to carry and to store

  • Earth friendly (up to 20% recycled material)

  • 1” x  15”  x 20” -different sizing available

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You have a job to do that requires you to get closer to the ground.  Plumbing, Electrical, Industrial, Automotive, and other jobs require you to kneel on a hard surface which is painful and makes the job harder than it needs to be.  Solemat’s Kneeling Pad allows you to work more comfortably keeping you “feeling good at work” during and after the job is complete.