MicroMax​ NS Microporous Coverall

MicroMax NS  Microporous Coverall

Protection from Dirt, Grease, Grime and Liquid Splash you need, with the Blood and Viral Protection You Deserve

  • General Purpose Protection Suitable for most Industrial Applications
  • Fabric passes ASTM F1670 and ASTM F1671 for Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Cool Suit™ Coveralls Feature SMS Back Panel for Additional Breathability and Comfort
  • Anti-stat treated per EN 1149
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MicroMax NS  Microporous Coverall

Protection from Dirt, Grease, Grime and Liquid Splash you need, with the Blood and Viral Protection You Deserve

MicroMax™ NS is a line of general purpose protective clothing that can be used in work environments where hazardous or nonhazardous contaminants may be present. Very economical and lightweight, MicroMax NS features a high Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate (MVTR) for added wearer comfort. MicroMax NS is strong, wet or dry, perfect for work environments where dirt, grime, splashes, and spills are present.

Liquid under pressure will not pass through MicroMax NS fabric, making it an ideal solution for power washing and waste water treatment plants. This also allows MicroMax NS fabric to provide the Blood and Viral protection that many other well known brands do not.

MicroMax™ NS Coverall for the protection you need from dirt, dust, grease, grime and light chemical splash. Attached hood with elastic wrists and ankle for optimal protection.

Features: Respirator fit hood, Protective storm flap over zipper, Elastic face, Elastic wrists and ankles, Elastic waist

Style Number: CNS428

MicroMax Coverall  NS Specifications

  • Seam Type: Serged
  • Materials: 55 gram SBPP with Laminated Microporous Film
  • Garment Configurations: Coveralls, Cool Suit Coveralls, Frock, Lab Coat, Shirt, Pants, Smock, Apron, Hood, Sleeves, Boot & Shoe Cover (with/without vinyl sole)
  • Testing: Fabric passes ASTM F1670 for Bloodborne Pathogens; Passes test method STP0021 Rev 06 – Silicone


  • Dirt, Oil and Grease
  • Hazardous Dry Particulates
  • Non-hazardous Liquids
  • Non-hazardous Liquids (Aerosol)
  • Paint and Hazardous Liquids – Spray
  • Dry Particle – Aerosols
  • Clean Room Environments
  • Paint Booth
  • Bloodborne Pathogens
  • General Industry
MicroMax™ NS Physical Properties

Physical Property Test Method Units Test Results
Air Permeability ASTM D737 cfm <0.562 cfm/ft2
Ball Burst ASTM D3787 lbs. 19.0 lbs.
Basis Weight ASTM D3776 oz/y2 1.55 oz/y2
Grab Tensile MD ASTM D5034 lbs. 22.0 lbs.
Grab Tensile XD ASTM D5034 lbs. 14.0 lbs.
Surface Resistivity EN1149-5:2006 Ω Pass
Trapezoidal Tear CD ASTM D1117 lbs. 5.8 lbs.
Trapezoidal Tear MD ASTM D1117 lbs. 9.0 lbs.

MicroMax™ NS Chemical Penetration Data

Chemical Test CAS Number Physical State Test Results
Bleach-household Pass
Blood Pass
Diazinon Pass
Isocyanate Based Paint Pass
Motor Oil-40 wt. Pass
Sodium Hydroxide Pass
Sodium Hyperchlorite Pass

Other testing performed on MicroMax® NS:
Test method STP0021 Rev 06: There is no detectable presence/absence of silicone using FTIR analysis for MicroMax NS fabric or other materials used in MicroMax NS garments such as elastic wrists and ankles, or zippers. All test method acceptance criteria were met. This test was performed in compliance with US FDA good manufacturing practice (GMP) regulations 21 CFR Parts 210, 211 and 820.